About Sales Expert Jeffry Graham

Jeffry Graham

 Jeffry Graham started selling lemonade on the corner lemonade stand with his cousin when he was just five years old. As a kid he was fascinated with making sales and interacting with people. Some people are just natural when it comes to cooking, or teaching, or training…Jeffry is a natural at sales and uncovering where revenue opportunities may be. He has spent over a decade helping businesses expand and succeed. Under his guidance, numerous companies have earned double and triple-digit growth year in and year out. He has an excess of $300+ million in career sales. Growing and scaling companies aggressively is all that Jeffry does. As a Managing Partner at CrossNW since forming in 2016, since CrossNW has become one of the fastest growing M&A firms on the west coast. 

Jeffry Graham founded Howisell Inc. Howisell.com. That website is now Graham University. 

Vision Is Important!

Are you actively looking for ways to grow your sales and increase and expand your business? Do you want to take advantage of every opportunity for increased income? 

Is your business ready to grow RIGHT NOW?  Be part of an exclusive group! Get exceptional advice so you can enjoy a much more profitable business. Discover how to build your business and savor a richer, more satisfying life! My courses are perfect for small and medium businesses, I cater to various levels of skills and let you choose the best option for you. 

But Action Matters More!

Sales training expert Jeffry Grahams programs is that it’s in-depth, and provides material that guides you through a series of steps you can work with, and which you can always reference. To this day I’ve not found anything as good as this program. Yes, there are a lot of good books from a lot of really great sales professionals, but those materials don’t detail a path you can follow, and they don’t provide any reference point. What’s especially important is that they don’t let you speak to the expert (me!) on the other end of the phone. 


That’s another significant and exciting benefit of this program. You’re going to be able to speak with me personally several times during this instructional program, and I’ll guide you through the steps I believe will help accelerate your sales and make you extremely successful. Your sales program will be designed specifically for you, allowing you to structure and grow your sales in any business category or niche. You’ll finally have the support you need to establish a sales program that accelerates your sales! 


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